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Imaginative Marketing & Event Solutions for business, nonprofits & individuals.
Approach / New Place listens. We also ask the important questions to define business strategic goals. Our process is tailored to your budget and needs. It begins with an introductory consultation to establish strategies and timelines. We create and manage unique results-oriented solutions-whether the project is a comprehensive marketing plan or news release. Our enthusiasm and energy is naturally fueled by your mission and a shared goal: your success.
Capabilities / Our menu of capabilities encompasses the full range of marketing and communications services for both businesses and nonprofits. We apply the newest tools in social media and technology with the strength of clear, mission-driven messages to provide solutions in print, online, and in-person communications. Our non-profit services include fundraising and grant strategy, research and writing.

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YVONNE HUDSON, principal of New Place Collaborations, is a versatile marketing and public relations expert who creates mission-driven solutions for non-profits and businesses. Her career experience spans the multi-disciplinary environment of higher education, the arts, business, and non-profits. Thriving on the infinite variety of communications, she is passionate about the power of words, images, and ideas in branding and messaging tools. Yvonne applies resourcefulness, team-building, and vision to reinvent publications, content, and themes. A perennial student and journalist at heart, she loves the information-gathering process. Synthesizing organizational history, customer perceptions, and hard data, she applies what we learn to set goals and build internal knowledge for clients.

LinkedIn Twitter Writer, marketer, actor, thinker, reader, and Renaissance woman

LYNETTE ASSON, principal of New Place Collaborations, applies style and savvy in our partnerships with clients and our affiliated experts. Applying keen observation and analysis, Lynette defines brand qualities and market position using client realities and marketplace trends. Her fascination with the psychology of color, the course of conversations, and the feedback of customers helps to inform the planning roadmap. Lynette loves teaching, training, and technology—creating workshops, research, and online tools and print solutions. Favorite projects include producing the education main stage of the International Beauty Show. She enjoyed leading the creation of the Studio 1452 corporation salon, professional development academy, and KMS Global Headquarters in Santa Monica.

LinkedIn Twitter Producer. Johannes Factotum. Beautification expert.

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